sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

What does a goodbye involve?

Today has been a cold day in Groningen. Not only because the weather itself, but because the departure of a special friend... Ame. When you make someone acquaintance for a period, and even more, when you discover that you have really made a true friend, it is really difficult and sad to say goodbye.

We were three, just like the three musketeers (Amelia, Miriam and Adriana). Tomorrow Ame leaves Groningen, and Miri in a couple of days will do it. So, the team of the three musketeers disappear. However, what never disappear will be a lot of enjoyable experiences laden of meaning, happiness, and funny, chiefly. In my memory will be forever the time that we shared, our trips, our dancing nights, our dinners and so on.

Dearest friends, I will miss you!

Definitely I don't like to say goodbye.  My brother better than I describes very well in the next video my feelings now.

Please, enjoy their new adventures and I hope see you again very soon, maybe in Mexico, Spain, Germany, Perú, Morocco, or why not in The Netherlands ;-)