sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

From the air

I'm writting this post practically from the sky. Right now, we are crossing the Atlantic and the airplane screen indicates that there are still 3 hours flight until to arrive to Madrid. Since I can't sleep, I'm tired to watch movies and reading or listening to music, I thought it was better to write this post.

I was remembering my days in Mexico and as is usual only pleasant moments come to my mind. I'd like to express by this post that I'm very grateful with my family (that is, parents, brothers, cousins, aunt and uncle), and my friends (who are like another part of my family) for their love and in general for all that gestures of affection that they always show me everytime that I visit my home country.

I don't really find the exact words that best reflect the feelings that right now fills my heart. I can not define them, is gratitude but at the same time is joy, happiness, pleasure...So there is no doubt that every moment shared with you is of great value to me. All these moments with you have been a good deal of energy to return eager to work and pursue my goals and projects.

Special thanks for attending to the "Secret Party". It was a celebration that I really enjoyed and obviously your presence was what made that I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you to my aunt Ma. Eugenia, Chela, Elena; my cousins Ely, Osve, Lily, Itzel, Ale, J.Daniel, Fer, Ale, Toño; my uncle Orlando, Flor. Of course special thanks to my parents because they lent me their house and they also financed the party ;-). Thanks to my brothers for supporting me to do it and because they were there sharing with me and with everybody. Thanks to Sol, Doris, Citlaly, Eve, Alba, Arlene, Eliud, Miguel, Oscar, Pablo, Joel, Angie, Sak, Mar, Sergio, "Alambres". Thanks to everybody. I hope you enjoyed it as much as me.

I am going back to Europe with very fond memories of my stay. Although this time I could spend a few days longer than usual, as always the time is never enough to reconnect with all those who I would like to meet me again. So I apologize to my friends who I could not greet personally. I hope for the next time it could be.

See you soon ;-)


4 comentarios:

  1. :D
    is always nice when you come Adry :)
    thanks for your sopport :) you're a great person!
    I almost cried ;'( haha just kidding
    see you soon and we'll be waiting for you as always!
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english, my english sikill is poor, but i know how to write in spanish haha :D

  2. Dear A,

    It's a pleasure to read you. You have such a kindness on what you wrote. I'm happy that you are doing what you want, you are an inspiration to my life. Also I could say that you are a lovely girl.

    Since that idea to travel to NY I've got some planes, but I'll share them at right time. Meanwhile I could say that it will be great to meet you at Netherlands.

    Lately, I haven't got any kind of inspiration, reason to not post any entry at my blog. Perhaps, one of these days, I'm going to transcribe a piece of text that I like.

    Apropos, I've found a misspelling: I'm tired to "wash" movies.

    Love & Trash,

  3. Dear Cousin J. Daniel ;-)
    Thank's for your comments. These are very encouraging, your english is better than mine I was very surprised.

  4. Dear Randomboy
    Your comments are very nice. Thank's for thinking in that way about me. I hope to meet you very soon. Please don't leave to comment with me your plans about NY. I'll be very happy to read about this.

    I'll check my misspelling