viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

When the researcher says.... He or she really means...

Hace ya más de un mes, en una de mis clases el profesor nos ilustró bastante bien acerca de lo que realmente quieren dar a entender algunos investigadores, cuando ves ciertas frases en los artículos. Aquí les dejo algunos ejemplos. Para aquéllos que andan el "mundo de la ciencia" o la investigación, seguro que más de una les sonará familiar ;-)

When the researcher says...                                         He or she really means...

1. Further research is required to clarify the results         I haven't a clue what this all means.

2. The difference was statistically significant
     (p < 0.0001)                                                               but clinically useless.

3. A retrospective study was conducted                          We had all these data sitting around and needed
                                                                                        some fast publications.

4. A one-tailed test was used                                         The results wouldn't be significant with a 
                                                                                       two-tailed test.

5. The study was a single-blind trial.                              Everybody knew who was getting what, except 
                                                                                       for the poor patient.

6. A trend was noted                                                      The statistical test was not significant

7. Agreement between raters was acceptable                The agreement was so bad that we don't dare to
                                                                                       include the actual number in the paper.

8. Forty patients agreed to participate                             The others were able to pay their hospital bills.

9. After adjusting for confounders...                               Boy, did these groups differ!

10. It is widely known that                                             I can't be bothered to look up the reference.

Si quieren tener el listado completo no dejen de consultar este libro ;-)

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